Buy Airdrop with Bkash

Yeah Now, you can buy airdrop for your free fire id with your Bkash or Nogod. We are providing Free Fire game in-game purchase at a very cheap rate via Bkah or Nogod. Within 5-15 mins, we provide your airdrop and all of your order

Airdrop Price:

  • 90 taka AirDrop Price 100 Taka
  • 190 taka airdrop price 200 taka

Want to buy an Airdrop?

For Time maintaining purposes we haven’t put any airdrop products on our website but no problem you can buy an airdrop from us. You have to send us a message to our Facebook page or you can direct live chat with us or you have any issue with an airdrop or any order-related issue just contact us or take live support from live chat or our support Number.